We can’t wait for patio season.

If your new year’s resolution was to make some big changes in 2019, why not start with replacing your old patio or deck with a new concrete one?

Folks often perceive that getting a new patio is going to break the bank, but that’s simply not the case. If you think about all the great times you’ll have with family and friends on your new patio, cost won’t matter that much anyways.

Here, we’ll break down the cost of getting a new concrete patio. 

Why Go Concrete?

There are many benefits to going with a concrete patio over a back deck. Let’s talk about what those are.

A concrete patio allows for more creativity with the landscape in your backyard. With a deck, you’re at the mercy of the shape of your house and the terrain on the ground. You’re still somewhat at the mercy of your terrain with a patio, but you can expand a little further and have more privacy with a ground level patio.

Patios are also much easier to maintain than wood decks. The concrete is extremely durable and you can clean them every once in a while or let the rain do the work.

Decks are often made of wood, so they’re bound to rot over time and you’ll have to power wash them constantly and re-stain them every couple of years.

The most convincing reason to get a concrete patio is cost. High-end decking material can cost up to $30 per square foot. Concrete, as we’ll learn in the next section, is much more affordable.

Cost of a Concrete Patio

The cost of materials and installation of a concrete patio really depends on the magnitude of the project. How much concrete do you need and how intricate will the work be? These are the factors that will determine the cost of your patio.

The size, shape, thickness, and pattern of your patio will all influence the price, but a range you can expect to pay within is between $8 and $15 per square foot.

The other thing influencing the total cost of your patio will be the cost of the materials used. It’s not just concrete in the patio, it’s screws, lumber, gravel for the sub base, edging trowel, concrete sealant, and labor costs.

When deciding what type of concrete patio you want, you need to take into account any staining you want to be done, multi-levels, staircases, and any other specific design. When you start designing an intricate custom patio, the cost is going to go up.

At Arlington Concrete, we get your patio done the way you want and within your budget.

Get a Quote Today

To get the ball rolling on your new concrete patio, talk to a professional at Arlington Concrete and obtain a quote. The beauty of building a concrete patio is that you can spend as much or as little as you want on it.

If you want a simple place to hang out with your family, your patio won’t cost much. If you want to build a replica of the Parthenon in your backyard, well, it might cost a pretty penny. But it’s all up to you.Visit Arlington Concrete’s website to start dreaming up your concrete patio today.

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